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The educational software to the teaching module Grammar Formalisms and Parsing is done in cooperation with the subcontractors at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio (USA), and at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).

Detmar Meuers (Columbus) is the co-author of a grammar implementation course which has already been held at the University of Tübingen and numerous times, at international summer schools. The focal points of his contribution are the construction of didactic grammars and the support of the course module for lexical rules.

Gerald Penn (Toronto) is the chief developer of two implementation platforms for HPSG grammars, namely ALE and TRALE, which was expanded from ALE. The upgrading of the TRALE system with regard to its usage within the perimeters of online courses falls into his area of responsibility. Among the main points of his efforts are the interaction of the user with the system and the implementation of graphical debugging devices. With new interfaces and new possibilites of interaction between the user and the system, TRALE is being developed from a research tool to a "robust" virtual teaching environment for students.

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