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  The purpose of the project is the production of a course in computational linguistics whose subject is the fitting together of linguistic theory development, its mathematical basis, its computational linguistic implementation and the necessary programming methods. The linguistic framework of the course is Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG), which is one of the most important, constraint-based linguistic theories with applications in computational linguistics. The course introduces the mathematical foundations of constraint-based grammar formalisms, and conveys the knowledge essential for the formalization, implementation and processing of natural language fragments in HPSG by investigating concrete example grammars, their development and usage. The connection between formal and linguistic foundations and their application in constraint-based parsing, which is central to the structure of the course, is executed by the grammar implementation platform TRALE. TRALE was developed specifically for the implementation of theoretical HPSG grammars that were not specifically written for language processing. TRALE makes it possible to combine formal and linguistic foundations and their treatment in one coherent course. TRALE's techniques for language processing will be visualized through a graphical user-interface.

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